Worship 1

Worship. What a beautiful thing. And so my honest admission pains me. I used to struggle with worship.

My hidden, unutterable thought, was “What kind of a God wants to be worshiped?” As I wrestled with this I realized I didn’t struggle with worship…I struggled with the fear that I would be disappointed in God’s character. Any person I’d ever met that wanted to be worshiped had never been a person I wanted to spend much time with.  [Continue reading]

How to Get Everything You Always Wanted

Reaching 1

How you ever longed to get everything you always wanted? You've dreamed of "having it all" - the right this, the perfect that, the best whatchamadoodle, and the newest thingamajigger (those are some of my favorite Southern "words"). Well, today … [Continue reading]

Rhubarb Ramblings!

Rhubarb 1

Today's DoAhead Dining post is from my amazing BIL "Uncle Greg". Greg is our family's resident "Emeril". He. Can. Cook. He loves to create new concoctions in the kitchen and although we may be biased, we think He does it incredibly well! I consider … [Continue reading]

The 13th Disciple

Home Sweet Home 1

Sometimes when I want a thought to really take root I repeat it. Out loud. Each time emphasizing a different word. I am the thirteenth Disciple. I am the thirteenth Disciple. I am the thirteenth Disciple. … [Continue reading]

Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream 1

Word! Last weekend I had the best ice cream treat I've had in a long time. It has five ingredients and it is SO simple to make! I thought about waiting to share it for when the days get warmer but it occurred to me that there may be a few folks out … [Continue reading]

Falling in Love for The First Time

Jeff Cindy Wedding 1

My guy. Oh mercy. If you could only meet my guy. I don’t talk about Him too much in this space. He’s private. Actually a more accurate word would be dignified. Don’t misunderstand I would never say that the blogosphere lacks dignity, but for those … [Continue reading]